1. what are the advantages and disadvantages on equality of marriage? How to maintain the married life in terms of inequality of marriage?

If the husband and wife possess the same status in their marriage, things are more likely to go smooth since their values might be the same and the way they deal a thing would be similiar.

Howerer, I think the disadvantages is that there might be lack of some spark between them, life gets dull when everythinig is predictable.

Respect and patience are the only ways to maintain an inquality marriage. It takes time to learn how to live and do things together in marriage especially when there are a huge gap between two people. people cannot live with only their love to each other in marriage, sooner or later the passion will fade away, everything will be vain if the two can't  get alone with each other.

2. how to acknowledge the perfect match of love or marriage, including spiritual and physical one?

I don't think there is something called "perfect match" exist in the world, nothing is perfect in the universe. Everyone are different individual with different habit and characters, you can only try to find someone whose philosophy of life is similiar to yours so the two of you would get along well easily.  


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