Morte Darthur, a story of King Arthur and Sir Lancelot, it ends with the death of Arthur and the death of his queen,Guinevere, and the queen's lover- Sir Lancelot.

During the class, the teacher showed us the movie of King Arthur and Lancelot; though it seems to be an old movie, somehow it drew my attention. The movie seems to be a interesting one to watch, too bad we don't have the sound somehow. if there is any possibility, i would love to see the movie once.

I always though that there must be tons of girls dreamed of marrying King Arthur back at that time. Little did i know that the wife of Arthur has an affair with one of the round table knights. well, i guess maybe that's because King Arhur was old while Sir Lancelot was still a young man(at least that's want we see in the movie). The queen was young of course, I assume that a normal woman in this situation would choose Lancelot as a mate instead Arthur,not to mention Lancelot is the best knight among all the rest.

I  feel bad for Arthur I believe no one want his wife has adultery with his best subordinate.


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